November 24, 2014

The 41th Symposium on Transformation Groups

〜Dedicated to Professor Masuda, Professor Morimoto, and Professor Yamaguchi on their sixties birthdays〜

The Symposium of Transformation Groups is aimed to present recent achievements in transformation group theory and related topics, and to discuss perspectives of further researches.

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Password: transformation_group

Date:November 13 - 15, 2014

PlaceGamagori civic hall meeting room 2
Address:3-30 Sakae-cho, Gamagori, Aichi, 443-0035, Japan


A whiteboard and a projector are available.



November 13 (Thur)

13:30〜14:30 Mikiya Masuda(Osaka City University)
Cohomology of toric origami manifolds
14:45〜15:45 Masaharu Morimoto (Okayama University)
Topological equivalence relations on representation spacesslide
16:00〜17:00 Kohhei Yamaguchi (University of Electro-Communications)
Atiyah-Jones type problem for the space of holomorphic maps on a certain toric varietyslide

November 14 (Fri)

9:30〜10:30 Shintaro Kuroki (The University of Tokyo)
On the extension of torus actions on GKM manifoldsslide
10:45〜11:45 Toshio Sumi (Kyushu Univeristy)
Construction of gap modulesslide
13:15〜14:15 Megumi Harada (McMaster University・Osaka City Univeristy)
Newton-Okounkov bodies, representation theory, and Bott-Samelson varieties
14:30〜15:30 Krzysztof Pawalowski(Adam Mickiewicz University)
Transformation groups and Hsiangs' conviction after 46 yearsslide
15:45〜16:45 Marek Kaluba(Adam Mickiewicz University)
Group actions on a class of 7-manifoldsslide
17:00〜18:00 Norihiko Minami (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
On the Beilinson- Rozenblyum Isogeny theorem of infinite loop spaces

November 15 (Sat)

9:30〜10:30 Tatsuhiko Yagasaki (Kyoto Institute of Technology)
Homeomorphism groups of non-compact surfaces endowed with the Whitney topologyslide
10:45〜11:45 Ikumitsu Nagasaki (Kyoto Prefectural Univ. of Medicine)
On bi-isovariantly equivalent representationsslide
13:15〜14:15 Taras Panov(Moscow State University)
On the rational formality of toric spaces and polyhedral productsslide
14:30〜15:30 Zhi Lu (Fudan University)
Equivariant unitary bordism and equivariant cohomology Chern numbersslide

Announcement for Banquet

Date: November 13, 18:00 -

Place: Gamagori-so second floor
   21-4 Minatomachi, Gamagori, Aichi, 443-0034, Japan

Payment: about 6,000yen (3,000yen for students)

Please ask the organizers by email if you want to join the Banquet until 31 October.

Organizers: Takahiko Yoshida (Meiji University)
email: takahiko[at]meiji.ac.jp
  Yasuhiro Hara (Osaka University)
email: hara[at]math.sci.osaka-u.ac.jp