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Origami Engineering / 折紙工学

Origami, a traditional Japanese culture and art, is well-known all over the world today. In addition that beautiful origami works are fascinating people, the practical functionality of origami is also interesting to be researched for various industrial applications; in aerospace engineering, origami’s concepts are applied to packaging massive space structures efficiently on ground and deploying in space. Expandable solar panels, antennas and solar sails have been researched and demonstrated in space. Origami Engineering is the scientific study of the techniques of origami to apply it to engineering.



Deployable Structure Designs Based on Science of Origami / 折紙の数理に基づいた展開構造設計

The scope of this study is focused on "foldability" of origami. Click here for more details.
折紙の持つ“折り畳み”という特性に焦点をあてた研究です。 詳しくはこちら

Design and Performance Evaluation of High-rigid Panels / 高剛性パネルの設計と性能評価

The scope of this study is focused on "high rigidity" of origami. Click here for more details.
折紙の持つ“高剛性”という特性に焦点をあてた研究です。 詳しくはこちら

Design and Performance Evaluation of Vibration Isolators Consisting of Foldable Structures / 折りたたみ構造からなる防振機構の設計と性能評価

本研究は文部科学省 科研費の助成を受けており、研究成果の一部が文部科学省サイトに一般公開されています。