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K. Sugihara: "Machine Interpretation of Line Drawing", MIT Press, 1986

"Machine Interpretation of Line Drawings" was first published with the MIT Press, Cambridge, massachusetts, in 1986 as one of the MIT Press Series of Artificial Intellignece. Recently, the MIT Press decided not to print copies any more, and hence it becomes difficult to get one. However, the MIT Press kindly allowed me to post all the book pages in my web site for anyone to be able to download.

The original book was formatted by ATF (Advanced Text Formatter for science, Fujitsu, Ltd.) serviced at the Nagoya University Computation Center. At this opportunity, we reformatted the book text using a more prevailing formatter, LaTeX. However, we did not change the original text except for the corrections of a few of typos and grammatical errors and for the updates of the references that were in press when the book was published.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Dr. Bob Fisher for suggesting me the idea of placing my book in the web site, to the MIT Press for allowing me to post it, and to Ms. Chiharu Kanasaki for her hard work of reformatting the manuscript using LaTeX. This web version could not be realized without their kind understanding and support.

September 2006, K. Sugihara

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