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Lecture Series for Those Who Stay Home

World of 3D Optical Illusion

Many people are fighting against the new coronavirus, but I cannot do anything except for just staying home. So I decided to start this series of lectures of 3D optical illusion with the hope that they could entertain those who stay home. It is my pleasure if you could enjoy them. (Related links are here.)

One general remark is that seeing videos is quite different from seeing 3D objects directly. When we see objects directly, we can use two eyes and hence can understand the depth relatively easily. On the other hand, seeing videos is essentially equivalent to seeing objects by one eys, because a video camera has only one lens center. Some of the illusions presented here do not occur when we see the objects directly. Anyway you may enjoy all of the illusions as long as you are watching the videos. [April 4, 2020]

In this series of lectures from 1 to 18 (except for Lecture 6), I showed my own theories together with my own illusion artworks. In Lecture 6, Lecture 19 and afterward, on the other hand, we choose general topics on 3D optical illusion that are known in this research area. In those cases also I use original material that I create myself. [July 28, 2020]

Lecture 1. Right-Facing Arrow
Comments on Lecture 1
Gallery of Facing-Right Objects

Lecture 2. Anti-Gravity Slopes

   Comments on Lecture 2
Gallery of Anti-Gravity Slopes

Lecture 3. Height-Reversing Staircase

   Comments on Lecture 3
Gallery of Height-Reversing Staircases

Lecture 4. Penrose Triangle

   Comments on Lecture 4
Gallery of Anomalous Objects

Lecture 5. Circular Rectangle

   Comments on Lecture 5
Gallery of Ambiguous Objects Made by Circular Rectangles

Lecture 6. Multiple Silhouette Objects

   Comments on Lecture 6
Gallery of Multiple Silhouette Objects

Lecture 7. Height-Reversing Objects

   Comments on Lecture 7
Gallery of Height-Reversing Objects

Lecture 8. Invisible Chicken

   Comments on Lecture 8
Gallery of Partly Invisible Objects

Lecture 9. Ambiguous Cylinders

   Comments on Lecture 9
Gallery of Ambiguous Cylinders

Lecture 10. Topology-Disturbing Objects

   Comments on Lecture 10
Gallery of Topology-Disturbing Objects

Lecture 11. Card Marks Floating on a Mirror

   Comments on Lecture 11
Gallery of Reflexively-Fused Objects

Lecture 12. Paper-Made Ambiguous Cylinders

   Comments on Lecture 12
Gallery of Paper-Made Ambiguous Cylinders

Lecture 13. Ambiguous Tiling

   Comments on Lecture 13
Gallery of Ambiguous Tiling

Lecture 14. Triply Ambiguous Objects

   Comments on Lecture 14
Gallery of Triply Ambiguous Objects

Lecture 15. Ambiguous Objects with Six Interpretations

   Comments on Lecture 15
Gallery of Ambiguous Objects with Six Interpretations

Lecture 16. Impossible Motion

   Comments on Lecture 16
Gallery of Impossible Motion

Lecture 17. Figure Construction Methof for Ambiguous Objects

   Comments on Lecture 17

Lecture 18. Ambiguety with Shadows

   Comments on Lecture 18
Gallery of Ambiguety with Shadows

Lecture 19. Depth Reversal Illusion

   Comments on Lecture 19

Lecture 20. How to Draw Impossible Figures

   Comments on Lecture 20

Lecture 21. Pictures That Stand Up

   Comments on Lecture 21

Lecture 22. Viewpoint Trick

   Comments on Lecture 22

Lecture 23. Classical Illusion Caused by Depth Perception

   Comments on Lecture 23
Gallery of classical illusion caused by depth perception

Lecture 24. Illusions That Might Be Caused by Depth Perception

   Comments on Lecture 24
Gallery of illusions that might be caused by depth perception