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RFID: Applications, Security, And Privacy Simson Garfinkle, Beth Rosenberg ed.) was published. I wrote a part of Appendix.

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Winny Case (Oct 2004) at CILS Conference, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Procedural Justice - Changes in Social Structures in an Information Society and the Maintenance of Justice (Oct 2004) at The Internet and the Law - A Global Conversation, Ottawa, Canada

Cyberlaw - A Speech at Hang Zhou (Sep 2004), Hang Zhou, China

Traceability System using RFID and Legal Issues (Jan 2004) at WHOLES conference, Stockholm, Sweden

Issues arising from Free Access to Legal Information - A Japanese perspective - (Nov 2003) at Law via the Internet 2003, Sydney, Australia

Online Witness - How to Prevent Fake Evidence (Nov 2003) at CILS conference, Salzburg, Austlia

Smart ID and Privacy in Japan (Sep 2003) at Baker & McKenzie Security Conference, Sydney, Australia

Cybercrime in Japan: Recent Cases, Legislations, Problems and Perspectives (Jul 2003) at NetSafe II Conference, Auckland, New Zealand

SHIP Project Review 2003-a (Jun 2003)

The SHIP Project: Research Results and Future Prospects (Jun 2003)

SHIP project Review 2002 (Dec 2002)

Location Based Service (Nov 2002) at International Conference on Personal Data Protection, Seoul, South Korea

Cybercrimes - Main Problems and Analysis (Oct 2002) at High-Tech Crime Workshop, Echigo Yuzawa, Japan

Authentication Methods and the Privacy Issue (Sep 2002) at ILPF International Conference 2002, Seattle, USA

Omissions by ISPs are unlawful or not? - A Comparative analysis to legal standards for Criminal Liability (Feb 2002) at ILPF meeting, Tokyo, Japan

SHIP project Review 2001 (Oct 2001)

New Risks of Resold Computers (Apr 2001)

Report of Corporate Legal System Study Group for Research on Economic Activity and the Judicial System (May 2000)

CII (Center for the Informatization of Industry) Industrial Informatization Symposium 1999 (Oct 1999)



Simson Garfinkle, Beth Rosenberg ed., RFID: Applications, Security, And Privacy (Addison-Wesley Pub, ISBN 0321290968)

Mendez-Vilas ed., Techno-Legal Aspects of Information Society and New Economy : an Overview (Formatex, ISBN 84-607-8104-6)


Information Network Law Association Japan; Third Conference

SHIP Project 6th International Conference

SHIP project 5th Joint Symposium on 27 April 2002

Photos of Joint Symposium 2001

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