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The Constitution of Japan, 1946

Draft of the Constitution of Japan by Douglas MacArthur, 1946

Constitution of the Empire of Japan, 1889


The Basic Law on Food, Agriculture and Rural Areas

Law for Promoting the Introduction of Sustainable Agricultural Production Practices

Administrative Procedure

Administrative Procedure Law


Law Concerning the Protection and Control of Animals

Anti-Trust Law and Fair Competition Law

Act Concerning Prohibition of Private Monopolization and Maintenance of Fair Trade

Designation of Unfair Trade Practices

Unfair trade practice with regard to the sales of imported a primary commodities

Unfair trade practices with regard to the sale of imported glass

Reduction of the scope of the international contracts which must be reported to the Fair Trade Commission

Act Against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations

Misleading Representations Concerning Country of Origin of Goods

Act Against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, Etc. to Subcontractors

Act concerning elimination and prevention of involvement in bid rigging etc


Law concerning Procedure for General Pressing Notice and Arbitration Procedure

Attorney at Law

Practicing Attorney Law

Code of Ethics for Practicing Attorneys

Articles of Association of Japan Federation of Bar Associations

Regulations Concerning the Standards for Attorneys' Fee, etc.

Special Measures Law concerning the Handling of Legal Practice by Foreign Lawyer

Civil Procedure

Code of Civil Procedure


Commerce and Business Enterprise

Commercial Code of Japan

(Art. 3, 6-1, 6-2, 6-4, 8)


Yugen-Gaisha Law


Law for facilitating the creation of New Business

Small and Medium Enterprise Basic Law

Conflict of Laws

Horei (Application of Laws)

Consumer Protection

Consumer Contract Act

The Consumer Protection Fundamental Act


Copyright Law

Law concerning the Exceptional Provisions to the Copyright Law required in consequence of the Enforcement of the Universal Copyright Convention

Law concerning Exceptional Provisions for Copyrights Owned by the Allied Powers and the Allied Nationals

Law on Exceptional Provisions for the Registration of Program Works

Law on Management Business of Copyright and Neighboring Rights

Law on Intermediary Business concerning Copyrights (Repealed)

Criminal and Penal Law

Penal Code of Japan (extract - provisions relating to Cybercrimes or computer crimes)

Unauthorized Computer Access Law

Law for Punishing Acts Related to Child Prostitution and Child Pornography, and for Protecting Children


Diet Law

Rules of the House of Councillors

Regulations of the Research Commission on the Constitution of the House of Representatives

Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief Act


Fundamental Law of Education

National Curriculum Standards for Kindergartens

Electronic Commerce

Law Concerning Electronic Signatures and Certification Services


Law concerning the Rational Use of Energy

Enforcement Ordinance for the Law  (Energy Conservation Law)

Enforcement Regulation for the Law

Evaluation Criteria for Specified Equipment

Partially Amending for the Law

The Atomic Energy Basic Law


The Basic Environment Law

Environment Impact Assessment Law

Air Pollution Control Law

Water Pollution Control Law

Offensive Odor Control Law

Noise Regulation Law

Cabinet Order for the Implementation of The Noise Regulation Law

Vibration Regulation Law

The Law Concerning Special Measures for Total Emission Reduction of Nitrogen Oxides from Automobiles in Specified Areas (Automobile-Nox Law)

Law Relation to Protection of the Environment in Antarctica

Law Concerning Special Measures against Dioxins

Law Concerning the Promotion of the Measures to Cope with Global Warming

Law for Recycling of Specified Kinds of Home Appliances

Law Concerning Reporting, etc. of Releases to the Environment of Specific Chemical Substances and Promoting Improvements in Their Management

Finance and Banking

The Bank of Japan Law

Banking Law (1981)

Interest Rate Restriction Law

Insurance Business Law

Long-term Credit Bank Law

Capital Subscription Law

Financial Products Sales Law

Foreign Exchange and Trade Control Law

Foreign Exchange Control Order


Food Sanitation Law


The Basic Law for a Gender-equal Society

Law for the Prevention of Spousal Violence and the Protection of Victims


National Government Organization Law

Cabinet Law

Human Cloning

The Law Concerning Regulation Relating to Human Cloning Techniques and Other Similar Techniques


Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act
Ministerial Ordinance to Provide for Criteria pursuant to Article 7,Paragraph 1 (2) of Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act

The Alien Registration Law

Import and Export

Law for Implementation of the Mutual Recognition Between Japan and the European Community in Relation to Conformity Assessment of Specified Equipment

Industrial Design

Design Law

Information Law

Law Concerning Access to Information Held by Administrative Organs

Insolvency Proceeding

Law relating to recognition and assistance for foreign insolvency proceedings


Law regarding Regulation of Business concerning Commodities Investment


Labour Standards Law

Labour Relations Adjustment Law

Trade Union Law

Law Concerning the Welfare of Workers Who Take Care of Children or Other Family Members Including Child Care and Family Care Leave

Legal Aid

Civil Legal Aid Law

Liability of Service Provider

Law concerning Limitation of Damages to Specific Telecommunications Service Provider and disclosure of Sender Information


Library Law


Dentists Law

Dental Hygienists Law

Dental Technicians Law


Mining Law


The Nationality Law


Law to Promote Specified Nonprofit Activities


Patent Law

Utility Model Law

Product Liability and Safety of Materials

The Product Liability Act

Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law

Science and Technology

The Science and Technology Basic Law

Social Welfare

Basic Law on Measures for the Aging Society


Sports Promotion Lottery Law

Telecommunication and Broadcast Law

Provisional Measures Law for Telecommunications Infrastructure Improvement (Law No. 27 of 2001)

Telecommunication Business Law

Regulations for Enforcement of the Telecommunications Business Law

Guidelines on the Protection of Personal Data in Telecommunications Business

Manual for the Construction of Networks by Telecommunications Carriers

Manual for Market Entry into Japanese Telecommunications Business

Guidelines on the "semi-open communications" services for Internet Service Providers (draft)

The Law Concerning Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, etc (NTT LAW) 

Radio Law

Broadcast Law

Cabinet Order for Enforcement of the Broadcast Law (Cabinet Order No. 163 of May 25, 1950)

The Essential Standards for Establishing Broadcasting Stations (Radio Regulatory Commission Rules No.21 of December 5,1950

Regulations for Enforcement of the Broadcast Law (Radio Regulatory Commission Rules No. 10 of June 30, 1950)

Cable Television Broadcast Law

Manual for Market Entry into Cable TV Business

Law for Implementation of the Mutual Recognition Between Japan and the European Community and the Republic of Singapore in Relation to Conformity Assessment of Specified Equipment


Trademark Law

Cabinet Ordinance (Draft) Amending a Part of the Trademark Law Enforcement Order etc. (Dec 1999)


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