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Personal History

1983.4-1993.3 Assistant Judge
1993.4-1997.3  Judge
1997.4 -- Present Professor at School of Law, Meiji University, Japan (Computer law, Cyberlaw and Legal Informatics)
1998.4 -- Present Attorney at Law (Asuka-Kyowa Law Firm, Tokyo, Japan)
Professor at Graduate School of Law, Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan
2002.4 -- Present Lecturer at School of Sociology, Toyo University, Japan (Legislation relating to Information)

Educational Activities (at Meiji University)

Lecture at School of Law Legal Informatics
Seminar at School of Law Legal Informatics
Lecture at Graduate School of Law Legal Informatics, Cyberlaw

Academic Activities

Vice Chair, Director The Information Network Law Association Japan
Director  The Law and Computers Association of Japan
Adviser Japan Society for Keikan
Councilor Japan Information-Culture Society
Member  OASIS, Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence, Japan Society for Software Science and Technology, Japanese Society for Information and Systems in Education, Japan Society for Information and Media
Project Manager Social, Human and Information Platform Project (SHIP Project)

Public Activities

Member The National Diet Library Advisary Committee (2003), Corporate Legal System Study Group for Research on Economic Activity and the Judicial System (2000)

International Research Works & Activities

Member (2001-2003) Auto-ID Centerfs independent Policy Advisory Council, MIT

Client Companies

NTT Communications, NTT Docomo, BML etc.


Tel & FAX  (Project Laboratory) 81-[0]3-3292-3788
Tel  (Faculty Office) 81-[0]3-3296-4151
Post Address (Laboratory) #101-8301 Faculty of Law, Meiji University, Kanda-Surugadai 1-1, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 

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