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Vehicle Dynamics Laboratory


The aim of the Vehicle Dynamics LABoratory (VDLAB) is to investigate the handling performance and ride comfort of automobiles using both theoretical and experimental approaches.

Tire characteristics and suspension properties are important factors for the dynamic performance of an automobile. Tires are a very important aspect of our research since these are the only elements of an automobile that are in contact with the road. The suspension system is equally important because it determines tire functionality, and is composed of a spring, a damper, bearings, rubber bushes, and some mechanical links.

Multibody dynamics is a suitable approach for such a complicated system like a suspension system, and we are developing multibody dynamics software for theoretical analysis of complex automobile dynamics. We have also developed several vehicles including the electric vehicle for the experimental analysis of automobile dynamics. In addition, a driving simulator system is used for optimization of automobile performance from the viewpoint of the human-vehicle system.