About STRAIGHT Library

Q. Do you have a tutorial?

A. No we don't. However, we may prepare it in the future.

Q. Do you have TANDEM-STRAIGHT of Matlab version?

A. Yes, we do. However, this Web-site does not deal with it. Please contact us via "Contact" of left menu.

Q. Is there difference betwen STRAIGHT Library and that of Matlab version?

A. This version is the implantation of the latest version of TANDEM-STRAIGHT (TandemSTRAIGHTmonolithicPackage004TestRev).

Q. Do you distribute the source-code of STRAIGHT Library?

A. No, we don't.

About license of STRAIGHT Library

Q. What can we use it for?

A. STRAIGHT Library is free software, and therefore you can use it for your research and implementing your free software. If you want to use it for commercial use, please contact us. We have a patent on TANDEM-STRAIGHT.