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9th Generation Impossible Objects (2018-)

"Triply Ambiguous Objects" that have three interpretations

This class of objects have three different interpretations. There are many ambiguous figures and objects such as the Necker cube, the Schroeder staircase, crater illusion and the Rubin's base, but they give only two interpretations. We can construct the triply ambiguous objects systematically by drawing a picture of a rectangular surface without occlusion and by inserting small objects such as poles with flags to designate the direction of the gravity. B

Triply-Ambiguous Object "Landscape with a Flag"

If we place two vertidal mirrors, we can perceive the three interpretation at the sema time. The mirrors are ordinay ones, and no trick is implemented.

First Prize of the Best Illusion of the Year Contest 2018

This illusion won the First Prize at the The video artwork is Best Illusion of the Year Contest 2018j. The video of this illuion is here.
Please see MEMO for the method to construct this illusion artwork.

Enjoy various triply-ambiguous objects.

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