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8th Generation Impossible Objects (2017-)

"Reflexibly-Fused Objects" whose shapes are completed only when they are fused with their mirror images

The objects themselves have meaningless shapes, but if they are place on a horizontally oriented mirror, meningful shapes appear. They are created by the same principle as the ambiguous cylinders.   That is, we first divide a given shape into the upper part and the lower part, and next apply the design method of the ambiguous cylinder to the upper and the lower parts.

"Hide and Seek of Card Suits"

The object is placed on a horizontal mirror. We can see the four card suits. The upper part corresponds to the object itself while the lower part corresponds to the mirror image. Physically, the mirror image should be symmetric with the original. However, we can perceive the card suits although they are not necessarily mirror symmetric.

The original object is like this.

General view of the object and its mirror image

"Flower in a Pod"


"Man and Woman"


Theory of the reflexibly-fused objects can be found in the next reference.
K. Sugihara and M. Moriguchi: Reflexively-Fused Cylinders. Symmetry, 2018, 10, 275 doi:10.3390/sym10070275. PDFは ここ にあります。
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