NEW! Impossible Motion Got the First Prize.

I am happy to announce that this illusion won the first prize at the Best Illusion of the Year Contest 2010 held on May 10th, 2010 in Naples, Florida. Thank you very much for warm encouragement.

Magnet-Like Slopes (video file)

Snap Shot Images

Welcome to the Wonderland of Impossible Objects (pdf file)
6-page pamphlet on impossible objects and impossible motions

Collection of Impossibe Motions (video file)

This is a collection of recent ten impossible motions.

Impossible Solids --- Discovery of New 3D Optical Illusions (video file)

This is an introduction to impossible solids and impossible motions.

Solid objects which generate anomalous pictures

Copyright in 1997 by Kokichi Sugihara
The following are not painting, but photographs of real paper-made objects. If you want to make them by yourself, copy the figures of the unfolded surfaces. Don't forget to add margins to paste up.

Escher's Endless Stairs

Unfolded surface (ps file) Unfolded surface (pdf file)

U and Bar

Unfolded surface (ps file) Unfolded surface (pdf file)

Two Rings

Unfolded surface (ps file) Unfolded surface (pdf file)

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