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7th Generation Impossible Objects (2017-)

"Height-Reversal Objects" whose heights are reversed in the mirror

This class of objects change their shapes in the mirror in a way that the heights are reversed. It includes many variants; those whose heights are reversed completely, those whose heights are reversed partially, and those whose heights are not reversed at all but additonal small things change their positions. They are based on the height-reversal property of a horizontally oriented picture; if a picture has an interpretation of a 3D object when seen in a slant direction, the same picture give another interpretation in which the height is reversed when seen from the opposite side in the same slant direction.

"'New' Ascending and Decending"

The staircase ascends from right to left, but in the mirror it ascend from left to right.

"Overpass Staircase and Underpass Staircase"

Two staircases cross in different heights. However, their heights are exchanged in the mirror.

"Candle Stand 1"

The candle stand on the wall changes its structure in the mirror.

Enjoy various height-reversal objects.

The theory of the height reversal objects can be found in the next reference.
K. Sugihara, Height reversal generated by rotation around a vertical axis. Journal of Mathematical Psychology, Volume 68-69, October-December 2015, pp. 7-12. The abstract is here.
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