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Five Sub-projects to Engage in Advanced and Socially Significant Ethical Issues and Problems related to Organisational Computing

The Centre for Business Information Ethics (CBIE)

  • The project is promoted based on the research activities of CBIE. CBIE was established in 2006 and is the only research institute to study information ethics in Japan.
    • Establishment of people’s autonomy in information societ
    • Protection of the rights and freedom of individuals
    • Establishment of responsible organisational behaviour

Implementation of the Project in an International and Interdisciplinary Scheme

  • 25 researchers
  • 13 international research associates
  • 1 overseas partner organisation
    • Diverse academic backgrounds
    • Approach from global and local perspectives
  • Creation and operation of an "Information Sharing Server System" (SharePoint server)
    • Secure sharing of research information and communication
    • Communication of research results
    • Flexible organisation of research teams according to research subjects
      • Amoeba-like organisation

Publication of Research Results

  • Basically, all research results are published in English.
    • Papers submitted to peer-reviewed journals
    • Papers presented at international conferences
  • Formation of a research centre leading the world’s research on information ethics
    • Promotion of the internationalisation of research made by Japanese researchers and graduate students
    • Support for PhD students
    • Support for post-doctoral researchers

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