International Conference    on Economic Theory and Policy after the Crisis 本文へジャンプ
September 16-18, 2013, Meiji University, Tokyo

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September 16

Room 1032
9:45 Opening

Prof. Takashi Yagi (Meiji Unievrsity)
Distribution and Fixed Capital
Chair: Koji Hayama (Wako University)


Dr. Kazuhiro Kurose (Tohoku University)
Prof. Noki Yoshihara (Hitotsubashi University)

On Ricardian Invariable Measure of Value in General Convex Economies

Chair: Yoshikazu Sato (Hosei University)



Room 1032

Dr. Alberto Moritz Cruz (UNAM, Mexico)

International reserves and growth:
assessing the mercantilist motive in Latin America

Chair: Takashi Yagi (Meiji Unieversity)

Prof. Masahiro Kawai (Dean, The Asian Development Bank Institute
and Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo)

Global Financial Crisis and Asia's Policy Challenges
Chair: Takashi Yagi (Meiji Unieversity)

Prof. Philip Arestis (University of Cambridge)
'Great Recession':Origins and Economic Policy Implications
Chair: Takashi Yagi (Meiji Unievrsity)

Liberty Tower 23rd floor
(Yashiro Hall)

September 17

Room 1123 I-O Abalysis

Mr. Christiana Otchia(Nagoya Unievrsity)

Institutions and Economic Policies
for Pro-Poor Agribusiness Growth under Globalization:
Evidence from the Democratic Republic of Congo

Chair: Mitsuo Ezaki (Professor Emeritus, Nagoya Univ. & Oita Univ.)

Prof. Makiko Tsukui (Tokyo International Unievrsity)
Repercussion Effects of Final Consumption on Production and
Environmental Loads in the 47 Prefectures of Japan: A Multi-regional
Waste Input–Output Approach

Chair: Takashi Yagi (Meiji University)

Room 1124

Mr. Nawakura(Meiji University)

Increasing Income Disparities in Rural Korea

From the Perspective of Social Networks
Chair: Jong-Hwan Ko (Pukyoung National University)

Prof.V. Nirmala (Pondicherry University, India)
Impact of Financial Crisis on Performance of Textiles and Apparel Export Firms in Tamil. India: A Case Study

Chair: Yumi Horikane (Meiji University)

Room 1125

Dr.Albert Moritz Cruz(Unam, Mexico)

Premature deindustrialisation and economic growth in Mexico
Chair: Yusuke Shibata (Meiji University)

Ms. Mimoza Shabani (SOAS, University of London)
Capital adequacy regulation and its impact on the economy:
the case of Japan and USA

Chair: Philip Arestis (University of Cambridge)


Room 1123

Prof. Jong-Hwan Ko(Division of International and Area StudiesPukyoung National University)

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) in East Asia and Its Economic Effects: A Computable General Equilibrium Approach

Chair:Takashi Yagi (Meiji University)

Dr. Ikuo Kuroiwa(Director-General, Developmemt Studies Center, IDE-JETRO)

GVC and Technological Intensity of China’s Exports

Chair: Jong-Hwan Ko (Pukyoung National University)


Prof. Mitsuo Ezaki
(Professor Emeritsu
, Nagoya University and Oita University)

Growth Accounting of Input-output Basis with Applications to Asian Economies

1. Introduction

2. Growth Accounting of IO Basis: GDP versus Industry Levels

3. Growth of Income in Asia: GDP Level

4. Change in Prices in China: Industry Level

5. Change in Prices in Some Asian Countries: GDP Level

6. Final Remarks
Chair: Makiko Tsukui (Tokyo International University))

Room 1125

Prof. Toichiro Asada (Chuo University)
Analytical Critique of 'New Keynesian' Dynamic Model

Chair: Fumiko Moda (Josai University)

Mr. Takashi Hatanaka(Komazawa University)
Investment and marginal efficiency of capital
Chair: Naoto Yagi (Niigata Sangyo University)

Dr. Eiji Tsuzuki (Daitobunka University)
Representing the Shil'nikov Theorem in Terms of the Coefficients of a Characteristic Equation: An Application to a Simple Model of Investment

Chair: Masahiro Ouchi (Nihon University)

***Room 1121 (International Ricardo Conference)**
Dr. Hiroyuki Furuya (Tokushima Bunri University)
From Propriety to Impartiality in Adam Smith
Chair:Ken Mizuta

Prof. Arie Arnon (Ben-Gurion University)

Ricardo’s “Plan for a National Bank” (1824):

The Break from Competitive Banking to a New Paradigm
Chair: Yuji Sato


Room 1032:
Prof.Bertram Schefold (Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University)

Marx, Sombart, Weber and the Debate about the Genesis of Modern Capitalism 
Chair: Takashi Yagi

Liberty Tower 23rd floor, Kishimoto Hall

September 18

Room 1123

9:40 -10:30
Prof.Takashi Yagi
(Meiji University)
Multi-Regional Comparison of Labour Productivity in China
Chair: Takashi Hatanaka (Komazawa University)

Dr. Li Bangxi (Waseda University)
The structural problems in Chinese economy: an analysis based on the Marx's labor theory of value
Chair: Takashi Yagi (Meiji University)

***Room 1121 (International Ricardo Conference)**
Prof. Masatomi Fujimoto(Osaka Gakuin University)
J. S. Mill's Demand-Analysis and International Trade

Prof. Akira Nagamine (Meiji University)
James Mill and John Stuart Mill on ‘Population’
Chair: Naoko Maehata


Room 1032
13:00 -14:10

Prof. Arie Arnon (Ben-Gurion University)

The Financial Crisis of 1797: Thornton's Innovative Thinking, His Disappearance and Return to Fame - Some Lessons for Today

Chair : Philip Arestis (University of Cambridge)

Room 1032

Prof. Meng Jie (Tsinghua University)

Product Innovation and Capital Accumulation:

An attempt to introduce neo-Schumpeterian insightsinto Marxian economics

Chair: Bertram Schefold (Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University)

Room 1032
Prof.Takashi Yagi
(Meiji University)

A Note on the Smithian Reproduction Model
Chair: Hiroyuki Yoshida (Nihon University)

Room 1032
Prof.Bertram Schefold (Johann WolfgangGoethe-University)

Profits Equal Surplus Value 'On Average'.
A Reconsideration of the Transformation Problem
on the Basis of a New Mathematical Approach
and in the Light of New Texts of the MEGA

Chair: Takashi Yagi (Meiji University)


Shikonkan 6th floor