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About Meiji University Asian Studies

Meiji University Asian Studies (formerly known as Meiji Asian Studies) is an online journal to connect you to the discussions at Meiji University’s School of Arts and Letters wherever you are. Our school consists of three departments: Literature, History and Geography, and Psycho-Social Studies. In each of these departments, many researchers are engaged in high-quality research regarding literature, history, and society. However, their research achievements have been published mainly in Japanese. In a globalized world, there is an urgent need to create a medium to publicize these achievements not only domestically, but also internationally. Thus, we decided to found Meiji University Asian Studies. All the articles in this journal, whether already published in Japanese in the bulletins of our school or newly written for this occasion, are strictly peer-reviewed by experts. By publishing the achievements of our colleagues on the website, this journal aims to prompt international exchange between the school and international readers and to contribute to the further development of Asian studies.

Editorial Board

(Editor in chief: 2019-Present), Liberal Arts Section
(Editor in chief: 2018-19), Department of History and Geography

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