Modeling the rapidly changing real-world

The financial crisis triggered by the US subprime loan crisis in 2007 eventually led to a global economic crisis that affected simultaneously not only emerging countries but also developed countries all over the world. The drastic changes in the economic environment, which have never found in the standard economic theory, occurred. Due to the globalization of the economic and financial systems, the short-term fluctuations of the various financial markets have become significantly influential in business and economy. Now all the countries strongly recognize the spillovers of financial and economic risks beyond the borders.
We aim at developing statistical method for modeling financial and economic phenomena in order to reflect their structural changes of fluctuations.

About Statistical Financial Risk Monitor (StatFiRM)

This project aims at developing statistical methods for evaluating and controling financial and economic risks and examining the effectiveness of the methods.
As a fast growing financial derivative product generally forms an immature over-the-counter market,

The organization of StatFiRM is:

  • Tanokura, Yoko: Meiji university (Contact:
  • Tsuda, Hiroshi: Doshisha university
  • Sato, Seisho: The university of Tokyo
  • Kitagawa, Genshiro: The university of Tokyo/Meiji University


image002.png The regional sovereign credit default swap (SCDS) Distribution-Free Indices have been updated as of 30 March 2018.
During the worldwide downtrend since January 2016, the slight increases of regional sovereign risks have currently been seen for Latin America and Asia Pacific. LinkIcon

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