SFEM of SST in Meiji University


We are a research group for Strength and Function of Engineering Materials (SFEM) at School of Science and Technology (SST) in Meiji University. Our research is focused on two main theme; development new materials and understanding new mechanics. The shape memory alloys and hydrogen storage materials are developed by mechanical approach for automobile application. The strength of materials, e.g., polymer, glass and human body, are evaluated by fracture mechanics for life application.
The lab had been established since 1997 at Department of Mechanical Engineering and located #108, Building D, Ikuta Campus, Kanagawa in Japan. The members are 1 faculty and about ten undergraduate and ten graduate students. We welcome you to visit our lab and you'd let us know it by the contacts below.


E-mail: notomim[*]meiji.ac.jp, (Please replace "@" into "[*]".)
Tel: +81-44-934-7190