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Second Generation Impossible Objects

"Impossible Motion Objects" That Generate Impossible Motions

Objects appear to be ordinary, but we can insert motions that appear to be impossible. Examples include "antigravity slopes" along which balls roll uphill, and "distorted windows" through which a straight rod penetrate in an inconsistent manner. We call those phenomena "impossible motions" and objects that generate impossible motions "impossible motion objects".

Magnet-Like Slopes

The four slopes appear to be extended from the highest center toward the four directions. however, if we place balls on the slopes, they appear to roll uphill toward the center plate. These motions can be seen in the video

This impossible motion illusion won the first prize at the Sexth Best Illusion of the Year Contest held in Florida in 2010.

Various impossible motions can be seen in the videos:

Other Impossible Motion Illusions

The theory of impossible objects can be found in the next reference.
K. Sugihara, Design of solids for antigravity motion illusion. Computational Geometry, 47(6), 675-682, 2914.
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