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Universality in the Periodicity Manifestation (with S. Tsukada).
  • Periodicity manifestations in the non-locally coupled maps, Physica D168-169(2002)126. [pdf 準備中]
  • Universality in periodicity manfestationsin the turbulent non-locally coupled map lattice, Prog. Theor. Phys. 108 (2002) 25. [pdf (1346KB)]
GCML and Periodicity Manifestation (with K. Kikuchi).
  • Periodicity manifestations in the turbulent regime of the globally coupled map lattice,
    Physical Review E62 (2000) 3489-3503. [pdf (1032KB)]
Rapidity gaps in quark and gluon jets (with W. Ochs),
String theory and gravity (with Z. Bern, D. Hochberg, D. C. Dunbar).
  • Ambiguity in determing the effective action for string-corrected Einstein gravity,
    Prog. Theor. Phys. 78(1987) 680 [pdf (383KB)].
  • Incompatibility of torsion with the Gauss-Bonnet combination in the bosonic string,
    Phys. Lett. B191 (1987) 267. [pdf (317KB)].
  • Field redefinitions and Chern-Simons terms in the heterotic string, Phys. Lett. B197 (1987) 119.
  • String-based methods in perturbative gravity. Phys.Lett.B 312 (1993) 277-284. (hep-th/9307001)
Solvable models and conformal field theories (with Y. Saitoh),
  • Note on the stability in ADE Affine Toda field theories, Phys.Lett.B280:227-231,1992 [pdf (400KB)]
大域的写像素子模型: 乱流相における集団周期運動の発現, そのユニバーサリティ;
    基研量子カオス研究会報告(物性研究80, 46-50, 2003); [pdf;zip]
List of Publications[pdf] | Curriculum Vitae[htm]

GCML PPT Show (presented at the Quantum Chaos Kyoto 2002). gcml_list.htm

To see how Perodicity Manifestations are produced in the turbulent GCML, download this pms.zip (379KB). Execute sample files by clicking them by the left mouse button. At the first fortran screen, just press "ENTER"-key to proceed. Good Luck!!!!

 Anisotropic Kepler Problem

最新:ISQS 25 Pragueで口頭発表したもの prague.pdf


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