New Research Trends of Aviation History:
Decolonization and Gender relations

Meiji University Research Institute for the History of Global Arms Transfer pays attention to the aircraft (armament) and aviation industries in various countries of the world and studies on the significance of a chain of the technology transfer that could be used for both military and general purposes to Asia and South America between the two world wars as well as of the expansion of popular aviation culture. This seminar will deal with decolonization in the point view of the establishment of a national airline in a newly independent Pakistan with “air-minded” people and with popular aviation culture in the social changes of the 1960s from the perspective of gender relations.

The first presenter, Dr. Waqar Zaidi (LUMS) will give a presentation about “The Role of the United States in Development of Pakistan Civil Aviation, 1947-1957.” This presentation will clarify the process of involving Pakistan in the Cold War, considering US support for Pakistan to build a nation, and especially to establish its national airline.

The second presenter, Prof. Phil Tiemeyer (Kansas State University) will talk on “Jet-age Feminism: Emilio Pucci, Mary Wells, and the Braniff Airways Stewardess of the 1960s.” The presentation will scrutinize “how the cultural and social upheavals of the 1960s altered the aviation industry in relation to gender relations and consumer culture.”

Date and time

Saturday, November 24, 2018, 14:00 - 17:00 (Venue opens at 13:30)


Conference Room 5, 17th Floor, Global Front Building, Meiji University


Entry fee


Seating capacity

Maximum 30 seats


Pre-register before 23 November 2018 at the link below. We will close the registration when the number of applicants reaches the capacity.


This workshop will be held in English ONLY without translation


Meiji University Research Institute for the History of Global Arms Transfer


Forum for the History of Armaments Industry and Arms Transfer


Speakers Dr. Waqar Zaidi, Assistant Professor of Lahore University of Management Sciences
Dr. Phil Tiemeyer, Associate Professor of Kansas State University
Chair Dr,Kaori Takada ,Associate Professor of Otsuma Women’s University