Conference: Panel Discussion C of 2018 Annual Meeting of Political Economy & Economic History Society

Date and time

October 20, 2018, Saturday, 9:00-11:50


Main Building of Hitotsubashi University (no. 10 of the map below), third floor, room number 36.


Panel Discussion C: On “Air-mindedness”: Focusing on the International Civil Aviation Industry in the Interwar Years.

Chair and Opening Remarks
Kaori Takada (Associate Professor, Otsuma Women’s University)
1. Michiteru Nagamine
(Professor Emeritus, Yokohama City University)
Hugo Junkers’ Challenges of the flight across the Atlantic: Development of Aircrafts with Air-mindedness.
2. Nobuo Tajima
(Professor, Seijo University)
Luft Hansa’s Advance into East Asia: From Civil Air-mindedness to Military Air Power
3. Tomoji Onozuka
(Professor, University of Tokyo)
Air-mindedness and Breaking World Records: The Stage, Subject, and Direction of Technological Improvement of Aeronautics
1. Yuki Hayashi (Graduate Student, University of Tokyo)
2. Takashi Nishio (Graduate Student, Meiji University)