The Japanese Society    
   for Post Keynesian Economics

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The Japanese Society for Post Keynesian Economics was established in April 1980 in order to promote the researches on Post Keynesian Economics in Japan and to activate communications among scholars who have interests in Post Keynesian Economics. The Society holds seminars(or Meetings) about three times a year. The Society has a good partnership with Nihon Keizai Hyoronsha Ltd, a well-known publisher in Japan, which publishes a translation series on Post Keynesian Economics ( 36 books were translated into Japanese and published since 1978 by Nihon Keizai Hyoronsha Ltd:

September Conference:
Mid-September, 2014 at Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan

Conrtact / Submission of Abstract:
mailto (Prof.Takashi Yagi):

Prof. Takashi YAGI
Meiji University
School of Political Science and Economics
1-1 Kandasurugadai, chiyodaku, Tokyo,
101-8301, JAPAN
TEL; +81-3-3296-2089
FAX; +81-3-3296-2350