Cultural, Specific, Binding, Unique, Innovative- Can Bilir

The class of practicum in gjs d creates an opportunity for students to express their thoughts and give them roles in group projects. The content of the class includes current incidents in the world such as refugee problem and this makes everyone to participate with their ideas. In addition to that group activities is the key point.

Practicum in Global Japanese Studies D

 In this course, the students will suggest an action plan to solve social(global) issues through analysis of case studies, and a fieldwork including an interview and an observation. In the process, the students make the effective use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for communication and collaboration with people out of the university. In this semester, students worked on the following two projects: One is Collaborative Video Project with students in Hawai University and Kansai University. The students developed the video about how students use ICT in our daily life. The second is developing the video materials for the game of peacemaking to solve the issues of conflict between Syrian and Turkish kids in Turkey.


Can Bilir
Practicum in Global Japanese Studies D
My hobby is to play drums. Especially doing my own covers over songs.
I want to tell the audience that how this class is different and active than other regular classes.
Most impressive things are doing video collaboration project and pointing out the refugee issue.