Professor Lawrence Repeta (J.D.)

Professor Lawrence Repeta (J.D.)


1979 University of Washington Law School (J.D.)


2010 – 2017 Professor, responsible to teach courses in American and international law, Faculty of Law, Meiji University, Japan
2008 – 2010 Visiting Professor, University of Washington Law School, Seattle, WA. USA  (Garvey Schubert Visiting Professor of Asian Law)
2004 – 2009 Professor, responsible to teach courses in U.S. law and to co-direct the Legal Clinic in Freedom of Information at Omiya Law School, Japan
2003 – 2004 Abe Fellow, conducted research in open government law at the National Security Archive, Washington, D.C. ( sponsored by the Center for Global Partnership (
2001 – 2003 Director, Temple University Law School Program in Japan and Associate Dean, Temple University Japan


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