International Conference  on Structural Economic Dynamics 本文へジャンプ
3-5 September, 2012 at Meiji University (Tokyo, Japan)

We will hold an international conference this September : International Conference on Structural Economic Dynamics.

This year our guest speaker is
Guest : Professor L.L. Pasinetti

The main theme of this conference is to deepen and expend the analysis of Structural Economic Dynamics in the theoretical perspectives as well as in the perspectives of history of economic thought. We will also discuss the application of Structural Economic Analysis and some empirical studies. The recent outcomes of this approach are collected in
Structural Dynamics and Economic Growth
edited by R.Arena and Pier Luigi Porta, Cambridge University Press
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As usual in our September Conference, we also collect any papers relating to:
--Post Keynesian Economics
--Growth theory
--Topics in Macroeconomics
--Money and Inflation, Monetary Economics
--Finance, Financial Crisis
--Empirical Studies
--Sraffian Economics
--Input Output Analysis
--Classical Economics
--Topics in History of Economic Thought

We can accept submissions of abstract until 7 July 2012
(Though the deadline of submission
of Abstract was until
31 May 2012)
Submission of Abstract:

Paper Submission Date (recommended) until
15 August 2012(extended) Deadline of Submission of Papers

Contact: Prof.Takashi Yagi (Meiji University)

The organizing committee
Prof. Takashi Yagi (Meiji University)
I. Sessions of Theory, Policy, Present States of Economy
Prof. Pier Luigi Porta(University of Milan-Biccoca)
Prof. Takashi Yagi (Meiji University)
Prof. Jokichi Satomi (Meiji University)
Prof. Enrico Bellino (Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)
Prof. Yuichiro Ohtsuka(Rikkyo University)
Dr. Bangxi Li (Waseda University)

II. Sessions on History of Economics, Classical Economics
Prof. Heinz D.Kurz (Graz University)
Prof. Akira Nagamine (Meiji University)
Prof. Katsuyoshi Watarai (Waseda University)
Prof .Masashi Izumo (Kanagawa University)
Prof. Susumu Takenaga(Daitobunka University)
Prof. S.Senga (Past President of JSHET)
Prof. Shin Kubo (Kaetsu University)

III. Sessions of Empirical Studies and Input-Output Analysis
Prof. Hikaru Sakuramoto(Keio University)
Prof. Yuichi Hasebe (Yokohama National University)
Prof. Mitsuo Yamada (Chukyo University)

Organized by
The Japanese Society for Post Keynesian Economics

Co-organized by
The Ricardo Society

Pan Pacific Association of Input-Output Studies

Supported by
School of Political Science and Economics, Meiji University